good stuff eatery at crystal city, arlington, virginia = best burgers in the DC metro area (in my opinion)

they have solid burgers (very tasty with non-soggy buns, my biggest pet peeve when it comes to burgers: soggy buns) and excellent fries (seasoned with rosemary, thyme and salt)

but what i really love is their shakes! their shakes use frozen custard instead of ice cream, and it gives the drink a very rich and creamy texture
i’ve tried the strawberry, toasted marshmallow, and vietnamese coffee
favorite: toasted marshmallow (as seen above) - it doesn’t taste like artificial flavoring, but actual marshmallows blended with the custard

bayou bakery in arlington, virginia near the courthouse metro stop

um, talk about excellent new orleans food! i’ve been there a couple of times, and each time leave satisfied and full

beignets are fried to perfection with a generous helping of powdered sugar. a good beignet eating experience is when the entire table is covered in that sugar
it wasn’t grossly fried that it was came out drenches in oil, but light and airy

the gumbo is very hearty and tasty with all the wonderful spices you know of new orleans food

pitango gelato at reston towne center in reston, virginia

great gelato, affogato, and hot chocolate

sweetgreen at tysons galleria in mclean, virginia

four sisters vietnamese restaurant at mosaic district in merrifield, virginia

overall clean and solid vietnamese food. the pho broth was much lighter and less msg-tasting than other less expensive viet pho restaurants. however, i don’t think the price was worth everything we ate that night

taco bar at gaithersburg, maryland

small taco bar located next to a gas station! it’s a hidden gem
fresh fresh ingredients and nice balance of flavors
you leave feeling satisfied full, not i-want-to-kill-myself-because-i’m-stuffed-full-and-feel-nasty-and-heavy

we tried both el pastor and beef
el pastor was more favored because it was much more succulent and more flavorful

peri peri at bethesda, maryland

i was pleasantly surprised by the food. i’m not a big fan of grilled chicken because i’m afraid it’ll turn out dry, but this was delicious! moist and packed with flavor! especially love the garlic bread

definitely going back again

dogfish head alehouse - fairfax, virginia 

i had the mac n’ cheese. i liked it a lot, being that i’m not a fan of heavy “cheesy” flavor (if that makes any sense)
this was a much milder cheese with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and summer squash on top - felt relatively light meal

bobby’s burger palace at woodbridge, virginia 

we all tried the classic burger, and shared the regular fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings

it was pretty standard: patty, onion, lettuce, cheese, and tomato. patty was good, and the bun held up on it’s own without getting all soggy. but it didn’t “wow” us, it was just, alright

and i had such high hopes for bobby’s burger palace
next burger post, my favorite burger joint thus far

burger tap shake in foggy bottom, washington dc

shakes were good, fries were good
but i wasn’t a fan of the burger. the patty was so juicy that it made the bun soggy, which is such a big no for me